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Why Are Female Voice Actors Playing Male Roles In Animated Cartoon Series?

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Why Are Female Voice Actors Playing Male Roles In Animated Cartoon Series?

The voice of a female voice-over artist is extremely versatile, and they charm both the genders, such as male and female. All the young, The Simpsons fans declared that the very first time they saw the female voice-over artist of the series being interviewed for her voice role as Bart Simpson on TV. And who wouldn’t be astonished by the fact that a female voice artist gave the voice of an animated male cartoon character? 

Even though you did know that a female voice-over artist gave the voice of Bart, what is surprising is that the role was really funny and multidimensional that you would completely forget that it was enacted by a female and not an actual young kid. The voice-over artist got an award for her role because it was well performed. 

You may not know that The Simpsons is not the only animated series that features the voice of a female voice-over artist for a young boy. Female voice actors are excelling in giving the voice of a young boy character in a number of iconic animated television series. 

The famous cartoon series Rugrats uses the voice of a female voice-over artist for the character of Tommy Pickles. Not only the older version of Tommy, but the voice-over artist gave her voice for a pre-teen Tommy as well. The female voice actor played the role of Babe in Babe: A pig in the city, another famous role of a boy. The voice of Tommy she gave in the series is very charming and endearing, which made Tommy one of the most loved animated characters in a series on Nickelodeon. 

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Another talented female voice-over artist played the role of Dill Pickles in the series Rugrats, Ben Tennyson in the series Ben 10, and Timmy Turner in the series Fairly Odd Parents. The female voice-over artist’s voice did not just sound like a real boy but also exuded a very boyish personal.  

Several female voice-over artists have been approached to play the role of males in an anime or cartoon series and have done an excellent job when playing them. Now you must be thinking about why women are hired to play a male roles in any of the animated series? 

When casting for a role of a prepubescent character of a boy, producers are always faced with the choice of choosing between an experienced female artist or a young voice actor. More often, the practical choice is selecting a female voice-over artist for an animation or cartoon series, predominantly because of the duration of the series. The voice of a boy will get deeper as they grow old and reach puberty, and in no time, their voice won’t even match the character's voice. A female voice-over artist can keep her voice the same for a series that is going to last a long time. 

The voice of a female voice-over artist is very versatile. The female artists can offer their voices to a gibberish-speaking boy, a squealing boy, and a boy who just entered his pre-teens and is going on an adventure. A talented and skilled female voice-over artist can add depth to a character- by adding some charm or roughness, or whatever the requirements of the character are. All of this is not just based on the range of the female artist but also their acting abilities.  

Playing the role of a young boy or a male or a female can be really challenging work, but these female voice-over artists are in a class of their own- doing this job is an actual test of their craft and versatility. 

Some Projects Done By Female Voice-Over Artists

Voicing and acting are the same things. Working in a closed padded room in front of a microphone is very similar to performing on a stage or working in front of a camera. Female voice-over artists giving voice to male animated characters are not limited to English cartoons. The artists are also working on some extremely famous anime series behind the scenes. 

Naruto Uzumaki

The female voice-over artist who gave her voice to the famous character of Naruto Uzumaki has been lending her voice to the same character for fifteen years. She is the only English voice-over artist who gave her voice to the character for such a long time. Her time period started during the very first Naruto anime, and later she repeated her work in Naruto Shippuden and Baruto: Naruto next generations. These voice-over artists are so strong and are not leaving work anytime soon. Naruto Uzumaki remains the female voice-over artist’s most famous role to date. 

Boruto Uzumaki

A female voice-over artist played both the main characters of the Naruto series. A female voice-over artist from Germany played Baruto, the son of the original Naruto character. She played the role of Boruto in Boruto: Naruto, The movie, and would appear in the reprised version in the series as well. 

Alphonse Elric

The female voice-over artist played the role of an animated character in the series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The voice of the Soul Eater, Alphonse Elric, was first voiced by a male voice-over artist at first. The artist was just 12 years old when he gave his voice to the character, but as he grew older, his voice got deeper, and it did not match with the character, which resulted in the producers hiring a female voice-over artist. Who got the role of dubbing the character in English. The female voice-over actor gave a very naturally youthful performance. She also sounded very similar to the young male artist who gave his voice to the character before. The difference between the voices of these two artists was utterly identical.

These are some examples of why female voices are getting more in demand. The voice of a female artist is flexible and very adaptable. At Voiceover Adventures, Shelly Fias is a competent voice-over artist who has a very caring, sweet, and warm feel to her voice. Shelly is very skilled at speaking very fluently and clearly. To look at her work, head over to Voiceover Adventures and request demo reels to get an idea of her skills and potential.


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