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Hire The Best Voiceover Artist In Boise For Your Projects

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Hire The Best Voiceover Artist In Boise For Your Projects

In today’s world, we can see advertisements in various forms, such as on radio, television, or internet-based advertisements. Whether you are in a grocery store, subway, streaming music online, or shopping in an arcade, one of the most influential parts is the voice you hear in an advertisement. The old ways of promoting your brand are gone when only the visuals mattered. Today, more and more brands and companies are using voiceover artists to promote their products and services. 

Voice over artists are the best way to build a connection between the audience and the brand. The brands are finding creative ways to use voiceover artists and sustain their customers through engaging voiceovers, such as using catchy jingles, a good script, and attention-drawing headlines. With the rise in technology, there is also a rise in the demand for voiceover artists not just for advertisements but also for E-learning, animation, video game, and IVR voiceovers. 

What Is A Voice-Over Artist?

A voice-over artist, also known as a voice actor, is someone that gives life to characters by reading or reciting scripts. A voice-over artist (or voice actor) is a person who creates a voice that is heard but not seen. For example, if you have ever watched a movie and heard someone talking but could not see them, you hear a voiceover artist's work. An actor can also be a voice-over artist. One kind of work that an actor can do as a voice-over artist is when they read the part of a book on audiobooks.

Voice-overs are recorded speech and sound effects used as part of audio-visual production. Pre-recorded information, such as announcements on a telephone network, pre-recorded speeches, or automated audiobook narration, are frequently referred to as "voice-overs." Voiceover can also be thought of as the opposite of screen dubbing. Creating the video with single or multiple soundtracks is "voiced over." Because of this, the phrase "voiceover" has been relegated to the more broad titles "narration" and "commentary," which eliminate any misunderstanding with on-screen text. 

Why You Should Go For Voiceover Advertising

So, why should you incorporate advertising into your brand marketing efforts? Here is the list of good reasons why you should go for voiceover advertising:

  • Improve Lead Generation: Advertising can fill your sales funnel and provide additional leads for your sales force to follow up on.
  • Increase Traffic: Advertising in papers, magazines, television, and radio can bring more consumers in the door for brick and mortar businesses. For internet businesses, advertising can direct visitors to a landing page where you can convert them into customers.
  • Introduce Items: Advertising can assist software, technology, and consumer manufacturing companies launch products with a bang by creating an instant buzz among potential customers.
  • Highlight Product Enhancements: If your company already has a product or service, advertising can make the public aware of changes. Making the public aware of your idea can increase sales. 
  • Improve Brand Awareness: Advertising puts your company at the forefront of consumers' minds to immediately connect with it when they need a service, generating brand awareness.
  • Publicize a Deal or Special Promotion: For any retail company, advertising can raise public awareness of sales or promotions, resulting in more consumers.
  • Immediate Online Sales: For e-commerce organizations, advertising with pay-per-click advertisements can result in practically immediate online sales. An excellent advertisement piques clients' interest and draws them to a firm.
  • Increase Brand Recognition: Great voiceovers reflect your brand, mission, and products, communicating the particular characteristics of your offering. An advertising voice instantly attracts the listeners and creates an immediate and lasting impact.

If you are searching for a voiceover artist in Boise, then you have come to the right place. We have two very professional voice-over artists who are skillful and talented in their line of work. 

Something About Us

At Voiceover Adventures, we have two very talented, skilled, and Best voice actors, Mike and Shelly. The two best professional voiceover artists work in Boise, Idaho.


Mike’s rich, baritone voice is smooth and calming to hear. His voice is often described as comforting, relaxing, and with an impressive range. Mike’s co-workers describe him as fun to be around, humorous, and the one with the best radio-worthy voice. Mike has years of experience doing voiceovers for training videos for corporate IT. 


Shelly is a female voice actor. Shelly's voice is pleasant, compassionate, and friendly, with an honest and sincere vibe that makes her easy to listen to and believe. Some people even state that they can hear her smile and sense her genuineness. Shelly's co-workers have regarded her as adaptable, easygoing to collaborate with, and enjoyable to direct. She has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and Communication as well as a Master's degree in Education. For four years, she taught psychology, corporate communication, public speaking, and professional presentation skills at the college level.

Mike and Shelly are the Dream Team, and they bring years of work experience in communication through education and the creative arts. Their ability and skills in creating, scripting, and staging reinforce the company’s motives created to connect with their audience.

Information on Work 

Session prices are fixed, but our rates vary, and usage fees are flexible based on material use and distribution.

Project Specifications

  • The copy/length script
  • [00:00:00] for Commercial
  • In terms of Narration, word count
  • Purpose of Use
  • Digital Marketing (paid, web, or organic social media)
  • YouTube (organic or paid)
  • The radio (FM or Satellite)
  • Television broadcasting (local or national)
  • Term
  • How long will it be in use? OR is a total buyout preferred.
  • If the project is a one-time event OR part of a series, If there are any character or dialectical requirements.
  • Deadline

Keep in mind that fine-tuned, crisp editing is standard in our final output, requiring time. Commercial projects include unlimited adjustments for one week following delivery.

Make certain that the copy you submit is error-free. We provide language editing services to overseas clients. *Remember, we read exactly what is on the script.

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Please think about/avoid:

  • Sentences that continue indefinitely
  • Errors in grammar or syntax
  • "ACT" or "A See Tee" 
  • Choose an acronym: "ACT" or "A See Tee."
  • Conjunctions such as "/"s that can be spoken as "or," "per," and others should be specified.

Keep us aware of any small pick-ups/retakes you'd like to make within one week of delivery (due to performance, tempo, tone, etc.). Retakes due to script faults and minor script modifications will incur a fee. Due to consistent mistakes (as described above) will be treated as a new project, with additional session fees required.

Broadcast quality voiceover recording is just the beginning of what we can do for you! We at Voiceover Adventures have years of experience in providing services for the creative community, including Voiceover casting and talent discovery. High-quality pre-production, production, and post-production audio services. Voice-to-script service: working with you to get a great transcript of your recording. Editing and proofreading services during the final stages of your project.


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