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Hire The Best Female Voice-Over Artist To Get The Maximum Ad Responses

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Hire The Best Female Voice-Over Artist To Get The Maximum Ad Responses

From TV commercials to online advertisements, everyone needs a good voice artist. An enthusiastic and calming voice creates an everlasting impact and engages more of the audience. In recent years, the demand for female voice-over artists has increased a lot, increasing every day. A recent report on voiceover artists disclosed that the demand for a female voiceover is increasing rapidly. It indicates that the number of job postings for females increases 24% faster than for males, i.e., 16%. 

Are you thinking as to why in a traditionally male-dominated society of voiceover, why women are gaining momentum? Let us tell you why this is happening. 

Females Are The Best Decision-Makers

When it comes to purchasing stuff online or offline, women are the ones that make most of the purchasing decisions. Women not only buy things and clothes for themselves but they also buy something for everybody in their house. They also make purchases for household purposes. In fact, women hold power to drive nearly 70-80% of consumer purchasing through the incorporation of influence and power. 

This makes women the selected audience for most brands, products, and services. Whenever you switch on your radio or TV, you will see that the maximum number of ads are targeted toward females. 

Females are also more likely to trust another female’s voice or opinion, which is pure because females' intimacy and emotional connection during talking to each other are unique. Females like the dependability of hearing from an individual like their own. 

Therefore, if you want to sell your service or products to females, it would make so much sense if you were delivering the message in a female’s voice. 

A Female Voice Is More Trusted In General

A voice is a very powerful tool and is crucial to instill trust in a person. In some studies, it was found that people can judge the person in front of them by listening to just one word. And since females’ voices are more high-pitched, they are trusted more. Generally, men have low-pitched voices considered almost rude, meaning they are less trusted by people. So, it makes sense if the companies are using female voices.  

Female Voices Are More Melodic, Gentle, And Soothing

A voice that is melodic, gentle, and soothing can make people feel at ease, which is another reason why female voices are more likely to be trusted. 

Female voices are processed by a different part of the brain. A study found that the voices of a female voice-over artist or females, in general, are processed by a part of the brain that processes music.

The Sound Of Helpful Intelligence

Female voices are thought of as more intelligent, without the commanding and domineering hint of a male voice. 

In the sense of content relaying, using a female voice-over artist can persuade people to buy the product or service better than the male voice-over artist. The voiceover artists are experts that can create a friendly bond and understanding with the audience. It works as a guide for the audience instead of an authoritative person commanding them. A female's voice is perfect for explainer videos, training material, e-learning, and corporate videos. 

And the helpful and nurturing trait of a female voice is the reason why technologies are using the female voice in their AI. Think about Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. 

Researchers suggest that people prefer the warmth of the voice of a female. Using a female voice can make people feel as if the technology is actually helping them in solving their problems in a non-confrontational and relaxing way. 

Male voice over artists uses a more commanding voice as perceived by the audience. The audience feels like the voice is controlling them instead of giving solutions. People like to be in control of their situation instead of being told what to do. 

Female Voices Are Extremely Versatile

Historically, male voices were used for male-oriented products and vice versa. Although, there are some marketing people that have discovered that it is really interesting to utilize a female voiceover artist's voice in a male-dominated sector. 

Female voices are considered versatile in how they can appeal to both genders. That is why you are hearing more female voices in medicine, finance, real estate, missiles, and even mining. Generally, people expect to hear a male voice when talking about these topics. But using a female voiceover artist gives a new and unexpected edge that makes the audience actually listen and pay attention to what is being said. 

This is not something that works the other way around. It was discovered that females do not really respond well to male voices speaking about female-related products or topics. 

And if you think about it, it would sound weird hearing a male talk about beauty products or female hygiene products. In these cases, a female's intimate and warm voice is the most important thing another female wants to hear. 

Female Voices Are Adaptable

Females can do the voiceover of a female role. Moreso, adult female voiceover artists can also give the voiceover for a young male, especially in the case of a television animation that has been going on for a long time. There are so many examples of this in the voiceover artist animation sector. 

The main reason that this can happen is that after a boy reaches puberty, their voice deepens. If the female voiceover artist were to give voice to a character in a long-standing animation series, the voice of the character would change as well. A female voiceover artist can continue the boy's role for as long as the series is airing for the audience. 

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And although, it is not something unheard of for actual young boys to give voiceovers to a character of a young boy for a limited time project. It is more beneficial for people to use the voice of a female voiceover artist who is much more professionally trained and experienced for a young character in a long-standing series. 

If we put aside all the studies, personal opinions, and trends, it is better to look for a voice that perfectly fits your brand. You should always pay close attention to the details, such as your target audience and the industry.

The bottom line is that there is an increase in demand for female artists in the voiceover industry. We at Voiceover Adventures have the best female voiceover artist who can fulfill all product needs. Shelly's voice is described as caring, sweet, and warm, which can enhance your connectivity with the audience. 


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