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Are You A Male Voice-Over Artist But Not Getting Any Projects? Here Is What To Do

blog 1    04  May  2022 Admin

Are You A Male Voice-Over Artist But Not Getting Any Projects? Here Is What To Do

We understand what you are feeling- it gets super frustrating, auditioning so much, marketing your brand, connecting with the correct kind of people, and still not getting the jobs. Although it is super easy to put all this on an external source, you need to understand that the role of any voice-over casting agency or website is to simply just send out the job opportunities to you. It is up to you as a female or male voice over artist to seal the deal with a brand or company. 

A voiceover artist spends so much time struggling to get the opportunity to audition for a new brand, increasing the quality and quantity of the opportunities that we are getting, and building new relationships after doing so much and putting so much effort and getting shortlisted after auditioning. It can become a bit upsetting and destabilizing for a voice-over artist not to book a new project once, then twice, and then keep repeating it again and again. A voice-over artist can start questioning their abilities whether whatever stuff they are putting out in the market is good enough or not or if it is true to themselves or not. Voice-over artists also start to doubt their skills as an artist.   

Going through this vicious cycle of not getting a project makes you doubt yourself. In turn, the doubt you are feeling will affect your motivation to reach out for new projects and create further opportunities. So, understanding that this pattern is not good for a voice-over artist’s name and brand, and obviously, learning that this is something everybody is susceptible to in this business is crucial. We will go through a checklist and evaluate the things that can be changed or improved when you get stuck in a rut of not being able to get a project. Also, we will help you evaluate if you are focusing on all the right things.

Let’s just go ahead without any further delay. 

Tip No.1

Our first tip for a voice-over artist is to let go of needing a project or job. We mean, we understand that you do need to work. Or else you won’t be able to call it a business. But you need to be aware of the process, especially when you are just beginning the work. Making the big leap when you are taking the big jump of becoming a full-time freelancer can be extremely challenging. Mostly when you don’t have a proper structure or backup whenever you need it, balance the start of your freelance career with a part-time job or some savings that you have accumulated. Doing a part-time job means that not a lot of weight is resting on your shoulders and whether you succeed or not, the extra job will serve as a safeguard when the inevitable period of disbalance or uncertainty affects the starting of your freelance work.

Tip No.2

The next thing a voice-over artist should focus on is limiting the self-destructive talks; if you are working as a freelancer, you should treat yourself like one. Now think about a scenario where someone scolds and demotivates their employee for not being able to book a project or they failed to convert a prospective client. You would think of that person as an individual who is an idiot and also is bad at being a leader. You need to think of yourself in the same position and apply it to yourself. Constantly scolding yourself for not being able to do everything on the first try will not do you any good. It does not mean that you cannot re-evaluate the whole situation or be self-critical where necessary, but always keep in mind that it is constructive when you criticize yourself.  

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Tip No.3

The third tip for you as a voice-over artist is not to create a negative narrative and prolong it. If you share it with your friends or clients that you are not getting new projects, it will become part of your image. When you are making a negative narrative, it will only hamper your own work and mental peace.  

Tip No.4

My fourth suggestion to all voice-over artists is to keep a diary with all your written audits of action that you were carrying out to progress your career. Is there anything that you overlooked or missed while working? Are there parts you have been failing to look after, and if yes, why is it happening? So, if you are falling behind when it comes to business tasks, you need to figure out the issues and solve them as early as possible. The sooner you learn the practice of adopting an objective perspective in your work, the faster you can learn how to take important actions to solve this.  

Tip No.5

Tip number five is to keep a motivational audit time for yourself. If you see some important works that you know you should be focusing on, but are failing to do, then the first thing you need to do is figure them out. What is making you not do all the tasks, and what are the things that you need to do to solve the issues. If the only reason you can find is the lack of time, you should prioritize the work according to the time or even outsource some important things. If you are regularly feeling overburdened, then you should focus on one important thing at a time. 

Tip No.6

The next tip a voice-over artist should apply as a voice-over artist is to rely on your close friends and peers. You can rely on people who share the same interests and have walked on a similar journey. By doing so, you can have a friendly conversation with them about all the problems you are facing and reassure yourself that you are not the only person dealing with this issue. If the peers you are talking to are the ones you respect enough, it is excellent for you to hear their stories and how they overcame those problems. You should listen to all their hacks or hints, thoughts, or any constructive criticism they give about how they solved their issues and what all things worked out for them. If you do not have any trusted coworkers or friends yet, this is probably a good time to meet some new people from the voice-over industry. You can meet some established male voice actors to learn from them. Along the way, you will also get the chance to learn who is doing what to make their business grow, and you can utilize those ideas for yourself and do things the right way.

Tip No.7

The next tip is to learn how you can control the controllable things. If you have extra time on your hands because you are booking some new projects, you should update your website regularly to ensure that all your showreels are up to date; ensure that your profile as a voice-over artist is uploaded on new websites with your updated CV. If you own a CV similar to or equivalent to a voice-over artist, you should revise your marketing channels or social websites. You should keep your information updated on all the platforms from where people can look you up and know more about you—keeping the platforms updated means that you are consistently looking for new prospects and leads to ensure more opportunities. 

Tip No.8

Tip number eight is to modify your end goal. Suppose the target is not under your control. Then you should make sure that you are targeting the things you can complete. If you are not able to convert a job, you should focus on creating a relationship with people in the industry and potential clients. We understand that an audition ratio is helpful to keep over time, as it can help measure your proficiency and success. 

Tip No. 9

Tip nine for a male voice actor is skill-building and coaching. You can take this time to go out and consult a voice-over coach to make sure that the approaches you are taking and the way you are reading are good. By going to a voice-over coach, you can learn about all the new trends that may have entered the market. As a voice-over artist, you should feel confident and secure in your existing skill sets, and then you should check out further if you have any opportunities that you can take to extend them and have more clients approach you. 

As a freelance voice-over artist, you can face some difficulties, but you can overcome them by applying some ideas. I hope that I have helped a fellow voice-over artist by providing some tips that you can implement if you face issues in converting potential opportunities to your clients. At Voiceover Adventures,  I, Mike Fias, apply some of these techniques as a professional freelance voice-over artist to make my name in the industry.



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