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Male Vs. Female Voice-Over: Which One Is Better For Your Brand?

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Male Vs. Female Voice-Over: Which One Is Better For Your Brand?

The voice-over is considered one of the several ways to pave our way to that result. A voice-over isn’t merely the narration accompanying the animation in any explainer video. A fine voice-over artist can make the video quite attractive and trustworthy, while a bad choice of the artist can degrade a strong explainer video. 

Choosing between a male vs. female voice-over artist for your recording, be it for a phone greeting, an explainer video, or any other purpose, is very crucial for the success of any brand. The best part about a great voice is that it can invite listeners to tune in more attentively and present the message in a better way. 

The reality is that even the most compelling message in the world can fail if the voice-over artist delivers it inappropriately. Moreover, we all instinctively know this as our brains are hardwired to connect meaning to the human voice. However, if you want to ensure your videos and recordings achieve their goals, carefully consider whether a male voice-over or female voice-over artist would be perfect. 

Male Vs. Female Voice-Over Artists

As per a study released by Harris Interactive, 48% of the respondents revealed that male voice over sounded more forceful, while 49% admitted that gender made no difference. Studies also reveal that target demographics play a critical role in determining whether a female or male voice-over artist should be used. Moreover, if your services or products are directed at a certain group, for example, you may have to use the voice of a middle-aged person if your services are directed at middle-aged women. 

Furthermore, location plays a crucial role in decision-making, primarily if the area has a strong accent or detectable factor. Using the voice of actors with similar characteristics to the local consumers will help you promote the product and services. 

Benefits Of Choosing Male Voice-Over Artists

Brands generally go for male voice-over artists to sell goods aimed at male customers. You must have noticed that male voice-over artists typically sell tools beer while female voices are used for laundry and cleaning commercials. However, several studies reveal that various respondents believe gender does not matter when selling such items. 

Moreover, numerous respondents associate male voices with authority, factual, and even neutral. They believe that something inherently decisive about the pitch of male voices makes the audience agree with any message promptly. 

Due to their resonance, they can add a new layer of depth which helps them capture attention or cut through the clutter in noisy surroundings. For example, male voice-over artists are the first choice in the landscape of political ads. However, there is no doubt that female voices are compelling too. This proves that while certain features make male voices different, it all comes back to what message you want to convey. 

Benefits Of Choosing Female Voice-Over Artists

The Voice Realm, in its study, found that 66% of internet video viewers prefer a female voice over artist to a male artist. Female voices are more trustworthy and friendly. They are generally used for a more calm and soothing approach, such as on-hold and IVR systems, to convey the audience's more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 

Brand phone systems generally utilize female voices for answering services. You must have seen brands use female voices for makeup, feminine, and cosmetic products as it is said that female voices inspire more trust. Furthermore, there is a reason why the renowned American company Apple chose a female voice for Siri since studies reveal that feminine voices can be reassuring and calming during annoying situations. Thus, it can also be said why most computer technology AIs are voiced by female voice-over artists. 

The best part about the female voice is that it can have an evolutionary motivation as females are generally perceived as not a threat. Ultimately, it can be said that female voices make us more willing to sit down and listen carefully. 

Male Vs Female Voice Marketing: The Deciding Factors

Male and female voice-over artists work equally well for a wide range of products, companies, services, brands, with more often riding on the overall talent of the actor than their gender. 

The Audience And Industry

Male voices have historically been chosen for male-dominated fields and audiences, while female voices have constantly been selected for those videos containing women-centric products and services. However, this doesn’t mean the trend is necessarily continuing into the current day. 

Numerous brands have requested narration voice-over services in industries that may not seem perfect for a female voice. These generally include the United States Army and several medical, finance, and engineering sectors. Putting a female voice into a male-dominated field or a male voice in an area dominated by women can give customers a surprising twist they didn’t expect. Moreover, this twist can get them to sit and listen.

The Product Type

A study in the Journal of Advertising found that the gender of the voice-over artist generally doesn’t matter for neutral products. This means a female voice can effectively promote missiles or the United States Army. However, a male voice cannot be suitable for feminine products. 

The Trust Factor

The University of Glasgow states that trust can happen in an instant. Studies reveal that people consider low-pitched male voices the least trustworthy, while high-pitched female voices are said to be more reliable as they sound less aggressive and softer, and customers tend to trust them more. 

Moreover, inflection plays a major role in the voices’ trustworthiness. Female voice-over artists that sounded more trustworthy dropped their voice at the end of a sentence. Moreover, adding an air of certainty implants yet another layer of trust in the audience. 

Voiceover Adventures can be the perfect place for all your voice-over solutions. We have been providing narration voice-over, commercial voice-over services for years and will never fail to provide the finest voice to promote the products and services of your brands. Head over to our website to know more about voice-over services. 


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