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Steps To Choose The Best Voice-Over Artist For Your Brand

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Steps To Choose The Best Voice-Over Artist For Your Brand

Whether you need a voice for an online course, brand video, or an advertisement, a professional voice-over talent is what you’re looking for. It's normal to get confused while choosing a professional voice-over artist. So, from where should you even start? 

We can't deny that it is all about selecting the appropriate voice. The selected voices would represent your brand and ideas to the audience. According to studies, the right voices help companies form long-term connections. Wrong agents result in an upset audience, negatively affecting the brand. 

When people often hear a voice, they connect with the brand. Thus, you don't want the wrong choice! So, we ensure that you'll select the most professional voice-over artist with these tips. 

Know What Voice Tone You Require

You can begin by writing down all possible feelings the audience would experience after listening to the actor's voice. In the healthcare industry, you can relate with warmth and empathy. For automobiles, you can have confidence and friendliness. It would help if you had voices for conveying these feelings. Know whether your script requires a female voice-over artist or a male voice-over. 

Know Your Target Audience

You might often think you found the best voice-over actor, but your demographic wouldn't agree. If voices aren't relatable to the target audience, the project wouldn't be successful. You can focus on a group to know the most appealing voice type. Let's suppose that your product's target market is 30 to 50-year-old males. Here you can choose a voice-over artist that can give a compelling voice to people of that age group so that they listen to your actor. Or, if your project is women-oriented, you should consider a female voice-over artist. For small projects, you can have 3 to 5 people. However, choose larger groups for bigger campaigns

Look For the Right Accent

Most directors consider the voice tone but forget to consider the accent. Accents determine whether the voice-over is perfect for your audience or not. Your professional voice-over artist should have a local accent to get customer appeal. 

Furthermore, you can choose a voice artist for larger national projects to represent the country. Therefore, you should probably use a British voice-over artist if you're based in the U.K. For the U.S., the American accent would create more appeal.

Narrow Down To 3 Artists

The more people, the more difficult it would be to select. You're making things even more complicated when shortlisting ten voice talents. Narrow down the favorites to a maximum of 3 voice talents and choose the most professional voice-over artist from here. In this manner, you save on many voices per language or project, and you can easily share them with others in the team. 

Review Voice-Over Demos

You shouldn't only rely on demos as you can re-record and retouch the voices to perfection. However, these are helpful to get some idea about the ideal voice-over talent. 

You can easily look up voice-over demos in an actor's portfolio. These are generally included in the actor's work portfolio and give you an idea about their adaptability. You'll come across various styles with other examples providing a good idea. A male voice-over artist is best that suits many projects. 

Consider The Voice Pace And Speed

The speed and pace should be considered in your voice-over talent. Firstly your audience must understand the message, meaning that they can digest everything conveyed to them. However, you would also like to keep the story moving along constantly. Secondly, the professional voice-over artist should match with the onscreen action. Ultimately the considered voice-over should provide meaning to the visuals. 

Should Be Suitable For Long-Term

Overall longevity and success of the voice-over video are unpredictable. Thus, it would be best to look at the bigger picture from the beginning. For instance, does the selected voice-over artist have the right personality and voice to represent the upcoming brand values? Customers often form an emotional attachment to voices, and after relating to a brand, they start trusting them. For a long-term collaboration, you must discuss these things with the professional voice-over artist from the beginning.

Basic Things To Know

Before starting the search, it is essential to follow some guidelines. With this useful info, you can easily shape the search for the right voice-over artist. 

Your ideal voice-over artist must be:

  • Willing and eager to answer all the questions
  • Available as per your need
  • Inclined towards easing your job
  • Mutually fulfilling your goals and complementing your needs.

Make sure that the professional voice-over artist you select does not:

  • Remain less available
  • Unresponsive to phone calls and emails
  • Displeased while being asked questions
  • Be only money-minded and wants to close the gig as soon as possible to move on to another

Arrange An Audition

With demos, you get a brief idea about the capabilities and talent range of the voice-over artist. However, sometimes it isn't enough to make the final decision. You can ask for a custom audition to get a definite idea about the professional voice-over artist. Generally, voice-over artists accept and also encourage custom auditions to provide you with their samples. You can send your preferred paragraph from the script. 

Most voice-over artists encourage custom auditions to offer you a sample of their talent for your brand script. Send the voice-over talent a small paragraph from your script on an attached document. You can include instructions or directions for dos and don'ts. This would depend on what you're looking for. Sometimes not directing results in a nice surprise when a seasoned pro offers an alternate take that you may not have thought of.

Review the auditions you receive, pick your winner, and then move on to the next step.

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Write Down all Project Details

There might be certain doubts about your selected voice-over artist. The voice actor would have some queries, so you need to clear them. Different voice-over actors have their rating scale, which also determines the pricing. 

Hiring a professional voice-over actor will make your job easier and engage in a fruitful relationship. Many professional voice-overs charge a reasonable fee and perform brilliantly. Look for a professional voice-over artist who fits within the budget and gives outstanding performance in your projects. 

Voice-over selection for any explainer video has a huge impact on the brand. Hence, choose a voice-over artist that can fulfill your needs. 

Search For A Professional Voice-Over Agency

Why not keep all your worries aside and let the experts get the best recommendation for you. With a professional voice-over agency like Voiceover Adventures, you get access to many reliable professionals to select from. They specialize in providing the best recommendations to bring you the best outcomes. Whether you’re looking for a male voice-over artist or a female voice, they specialize in voice talents for every script. They're most reliable while you're working on foreign language projects.


Hopefully, the article will guide you through the selection process for a male voice-over artist. You need to follow these vital tips when choosing your talent. Being backed by Voiceover Adventures ensures that your lookout for the perfect voice artist is complete. With these steps, you secure the ideal professional voice-over artist for your brand projects. 



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