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Top 6 Tips To Be A Voice-Over Artist

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Top 6 Tips To Be A Voice-Over Artist

Imagine you have to record a voice-over for some branded animation or explainer video, and you don’t have enough time to go through voice-over training to learn certain skills. You must be stressed. Moreover, your team knows you are inexperienced at voice-over acting; they still want to amaze clients and colleagues with the video, placing even more pressure on you. 

Contrary to what you generally think, you don’t have to perform extensive voice-over training to enhance your voice-acting skills. Rather, you can learn how to improve your fundamental voice-over skills by paying attention to the advice of some expert voice-over artists

There is no doubt that voice-overs are fun, and many dreams of becoming voice actors; however, it is a tough skill to learn. You wish you could do sorcery with your voice, but often the performance seems monotonous and dull. 

In this blog, we will browse some major tips and exercises to enhance and elevate your voice-over skills to the next level. However, before that, let's read more about voice acting. 

What Is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is a performance art where voice-over artists use their voices to narrate, entertain, or market products for animation, commercials, video games, audiobooks, educational content, and many more. 

Apart from doing impressions, character voices, mimicry, a voice-over artist must also have acting skills. Since voice-over artists are rarely seen on-screen, their voice is their only means of expressing their emotions. 

Furthermore, voice acting requires the potential to change inflections, speak impeccably, provide different deliveries, and alter your tone to get the necessary performance for the program or soundbite. 

Amateur, intermediate, and veteran actors must train and practice devoutly, always enhancing their vocal skills to deliver the finest performance possible. Many expert voice-over artists set up a soundproof home studio to record, practice, or audition. 

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Top Tips And Exercises For Voice-Over Artists

Voice acting is a profession that needs confidence, practice, and discipline. Here are a few tips to help enhance your skills so you can begin your voice-acting career: 

Mimic Famous Quotes From Films

You must already have a set of movie quotes stuck in your head. However, browsing YouTube for some famous dialogues will do even better because you can learn how actors perform. 

Once you have seen a few videos, try to mimic them with the exact accent, pronunciation, and intention. It’s quite obvious that you will make a pretty bad impression at first, but there’s no shame in that. You can do it as many times as you want and you will soon become a master of famous movie dialogues. Moreover, vocal improvements will be noticeable pretty fast. 

Now that you finally nailed it, try making the exact voice impression and construct your own sentences. You can also apply the voice in multiple situations. This exercise will extend your vocal abilities as a voice-over artist as you will see improvements when trying to convey different emotions. 

Make Character Voices

This is similar to the last exercise, but now you have to mimic movie actors that may look like silly cartoon voices. You can try the voice of Goku from Dragon Ball Z when he screams ‘Ka-me-ha-me-hah’ or Sailor Moon’s ‘eating makes me so happy.’ Try whatever rocks your boat, the more silly, the better. 

Once you have mastered the voice, ask your friends and family members to evaluate whether you sound anything like it. It will probably be a cringe experience, but that is what your loved ones are for. 

If you are timid about it, you can always record yourself and see how you sound. It would be best to be self-critical, but don’t expect great success in the first few days of training. It will take some time, but once you make it, it is going to be all worth it. Moreover, if you decide to record yourself, we urge you to keep your very first attempts to make a character voice or practice dialogues. It will allow you to track your improvements and progress. You can also take it as a motivation, and you will be able to notice how you developed throughout time. 


Overacting is considered one of the finest voice over tips for beginners. We would recommend taking some sort of a book, a guide, or something that does not require expressing lots of emotions. Textbooks can also work great. 

Now try to read it differently; we mean to put the anger in sentences such as ‘wash hands properly after handling, do not drink, eat, or smoke when using the product.’ Overacting is not what you should look for in acting, but it is great to train your voice and emotional range. 

If you manage to read the guide and make it sound interesting, you have done your job perfectly, which means you are improving and learning. 

Read Out Loud

Reading fiction novels is one of the most crucial voice over basics. You can take a novel with numerous different characters. Now you can try to create a general voice for some of them. For more unforgettable characters, you can create unique voices, jot down some notes, and describe them using words such as grumpy and lazy. 

It will help you maintain the same voice for a character, especially since it is tough to remember all the fictional character voices in the book. Also, it will be tough to create a distinct voice for numerous characters, and it will help you train your voice-acting muscles. 

Take Acting Classes

As the phrase implies, the voice acting is, after all, acting. In spite of standing and performing in front of the cameras and audience, you still act in front of the microphone. Generally, no movement is required, but some voice-over artists love expressing emotions through facial expressions and hand gestures. Try to find your way. 

Taking acting classes will help you greatly if you are an aspiring voice-over artist. You will come out of your comfort zone and meet many similarly minded individuals, which is always great. The same applies when it comes to voice acting. Furthermore, if you manage to find a fine acting instructor, they will help point out skill gaps and provide personalized tips on enhancing your acting. Ultimately, helping you in voice acting. 

Breathe From Diaphragm

Breathing from the diaphragm will give more air from your lungs to work with. This means less frequent breathing and a stronger voice that fills the room. One of the major aspects of voice-over training is to learn to breathe from your diaphragm. 

Moreover, if you need a deeper voice, you can learn to breathe from your diaphragm. You will find deeper breathing makes you more relaxed and at ease which is the way it should be when doing voice-over. 

You can also develop a habit of breathing consciously using a diaphragm for around ten or more minutes every day. Also, the same can be performed while commuting to work or doing your daily stuff. 

Another good way to strengthen the diaphragm is by laying down with some weight on your stomach and lifting it with the belly while breathing through the diaphragm. The weight will train your diaphragm and will stimulate you to breathe. 

Lately, it will make a huge improvement in your voice acting, making it one of the essential skills you need to learn before pursuing a voice-over career. 

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