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How Much Do Voice Actors Get Paid Per Episode?

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How Much Do Voice Actors Get Paid Per Episode?

For all the people who are just starting their careers as voice artists, two of the most common questions are: “How much money does a voice artist make?” and “How can they become a voice artist?” 

Voiceover acting salaries can depend widely from one person to another, project to project, and year to year. Along with all this, it depends on where the recording will be used for international, national, or local purposes and its time length ( one year, six weeks, in perpetuity, etc.). It is essential to keep in mind that the voice-over artists are generally paid on a project basis. 

Some projects pay more than others because of the effort required to finish the project, and it often depends on several other factors.  

Read ahead to learn how much is the voice actor salary per episode, how to get paid for your voice-over project work, and how to fix your salary as a fresher in the industry. 

Skills You Need As A Voice Artist

If you want to make a career in the voice-over industry, there are some skills that you need to master to become a pro. 

Voice Flexibility And Clarity

A successful voice artist is known for clarity and flexibility in their voice. Brands are always in search of a voice artist that is good at pronouncing every word confidently and clearly. 

The voice-over artist must possess various kinds of voices to suit the brand's personality they are working with. 

Reading Fluency

To become a pro at voice-over, you, as a voice artist, need to be able to read everything fluently out loud. This skill is essential in any voice-over job, such as e-learning modules, audiobook narration, and many more. A voice artist needs to understand the intention and emotion behind the script to deliver an effective voiceover and should be fluent in reading. 

Acting Skills

If a voice artist wants to attract people to what they are saying, they need to possess good acting skills to bring life to a script. You need to convey your emotions through the voice, making the voice-over a little difficult.

How Much Money Can You Make Per Project? 

Before you go ahead and start working in this highly exciting and rewarding industry, you need to have an understanding of the range of salaries of voiceover acting that you can expect from different types of voiceover projects. 

Every voice-over work will belong to different types of voiceover works and the distribution of those projects in the market. The distribution will have rates based on the industry, directly linking to the amount of money you will receive from the project work. 

For example, suppose you provide a voice-over for a commercial ad service to a company. In that case, you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 for a commercial on the local radio to $10,000 (approximately) for a national-level commercial on TV. 

If you are providing services for animation and cartoons. In that case, the prices may generally range between $100 for a short fifteen-second animation and up to $10,000 (approximately) for a starring role in a short animation video. You can think about a number even a little higher if you are cast to give voice to the lead character of an animated feature movie.

If you are going to work in the narration of audiobooks, the average rate is generally between $200 and $300 on a per-hour recording session basis. Since many audiobooks are only 4-6 hours of long recording sessions, the salary of an audiobook narrator usually works out to be about $1,500. 

To better understand how much money you can earn for a specific voice acting work, a voice artist can do a general search on a search engine. The guides you find on some websites can be extremely helpful in estimating your yearly voice artist salary. 

Note: The numbers listed on any pages are only for suggestions. Voice acting jobs are sometimes uploaded with a budget that can be lower or higher than the rates mentioned above.  

Voice Artist Salaries For Non-Broadcast And Broadcast Work

The amount of salary that a voice-over artist gets from a project will depend on whether the recording is to be broadcasted or not. 

For example, most clients who post work that is not going to be broadcasted, such as video game projects or audiobook narration, pay on the basis of the word count on the script. For instance, a project that has a word count of 4,500 to 6,000 words has a recommended budget range of $750- $999 (approximately). 

Although, if you are contributing to a project that is going to be broadcasted, you will get paid for it in a much higher number based on the size of the audience and the use of recorded voice. 

Now think about it, a 2-minute recording of your voice for a local TV commercial that airs for nearly thirteen weeks would have a recommended budget of nearly $500 to $749. If the voice-over project broadcasts for a larger market sector, you will most likely be paid a higher price because of the proportion of the project’s viewers or listeners.

Beginner Vs. A Professional Voice-Over Artist Salaries

The range of a voice-over artist's salary can go extremely high. However, it is important to understand that success only comes to you if you put in a lot of hard work and gain a lot of valuable experience. 

As a fresher in the industry, it is best if you are practical about your starting salary and expected yearly income. Because you are only just starting out in the industry, you are not going to have any prior experience, and that is fine. Nonetheless, you can still earn a decent salary while working from your home and setting your plan, as long as you are driven and set an accurate and fair salary for voice acting. 

How To Fix Your Voice-Over Rates

As a voice-over artist, your work depends on your voice. You are basically an entrepreneur, and as such, you ought to think about your salary just like any business owner would do. 

This means that whatever your business makes and the salary from the voice-over projects will be dependent on earning more money providing voice-over services in comparison to what you are spending on the operating price of advertising your own services. 

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This all comes down to the fact that you are properly ensuring you are correctly quoting your price for all the voice-over work you are auditioning for. You should always quote your price, keeping in mind the resources and the valuable time you will put into completing the project on time. 

Your salary as a voice artist will increase as you gain more experience and have more work to show people. In comparison to when you first started out in the industry, once you have established yourself as a pro-voice-over artist in demand, you can increase the prices for the projects.

How Should You Quote Your Voice Over Projects?  

Voice artists fix their own rates. You will never be required to propose a rate for a project lower than what you feel is a fair price. 

Well, although, indeed, having control over the ability to fix the price value of your work is a very strong point, you should also make the time to fully know the trends of the industry and the rates to get a solid idea of how much your efforts and time are worth. 

Tips On Voice Artist Recruitment 

You can hire a voice-over artist directly from their website or through an agency. There are four ways through which you can find a voice-over artist.

  • Professional search sites are a place for companies where they can look for voice-over artists and select through multiple available options.
  • Voice talent agencies are the third-party companies that can help you find voice artists that match the job description and standard. 
  • Freelance marketplaces are where millions of voice-over artists are available independently. There is a diversity of freelance voice-over artists available that can match your requirements. 
  • Google is the biggest search engine globally, so it is impossible not to be able to find a voice-over artist in google’s database. 

All of these places have their benefits and advantages. But the best way you can find the perfect voice artist is through professional search sites and voice-over talent agencies. 

At Voiceover Adventures, you will find two of the best voice artists, Mike and Shelly, who are exceptionally experienced and have the voices you will need for your brand. Voice actor salary per hour or episode depends on the type and timings of the project, and we charge accordingly. We got solutions to all your problems and can help your brand reach new heights. 


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