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Make A Lasting Impression With YouTube Audio & Video Ads

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Make A Lasting Impression With YouTube Audio & Video Ads

Creating a high converting and most viewed YouTube video ad requires more than you think. The person watching the ad should be interested enough to watch the entire video. For this, you have to grab their attention in the first few seconds itself. Do you know that 65-84% of viewers skip the ad without paying attention to the pitch? Voice-overs are an essential tool that completes a video. If not done right, it can spoil the whole gist of your message, which is why most people already make up their minds to skip an ad before watching the video. So, what is the solution? Creating a more robust pitch is not the complete solution. In this blog, you will find a precise answer to make youtube audio ads engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Tips To Make A Lasting Impression 

Voice Adventures's Mike Fias and Shelly Fias are professional and experienced voice artists. They have strategically outlined these voice-over approaches to drive massive results. Carefully implement these tips in your voice-over to make a lasting impression:

  • Set the correct tone
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Make it suspenseful 
  • Make it a happy one
  • Add music at the right time.  

The Right Tone 

Have you ever heard the phrase," It's not about what you say? It's how you say it"? No matter how good your words are or how effective your content is, your efforts will ultimately go in vain if you are not using the right tone to deliver your message. Google meta-analysis shows that humor is so far the crowd's favorite tone. You can make your ad scripts fun and engage by adding a punch line in the beginning and sounding enthusiastic while delivering your message. People would love and watch the complete ad, and if your pitch is powerful enough, they might go ahead with the call to action. The other way to grab attention with a YouTube voice over is to add drama, suspense, or an emotional storyline. These tones will also help people connect with your brand and are an excellent way to leave a profound impact. 

Keep It Short And Simple 

People hate to see long ads, so keep the message short and simple. If somehow you have managed to grab the viewer's attention sooner or later, they will lose interest in your ad. It is more important to make an engaging video rather than a long one that bores them. So, make a short, precise, and straightforward video to clear the message to the viewers.

Make It Suspenseful 

Don't introduce your brand name and logo initially, and never throw the logo in the face of people. Introduce the brand name after a few seconds of the video. Show some creativity with the logo or the brand name so that people remember your brand's identity. If you have hired a voice over artist for YouTube ads, make sure that they carefully implement these tricks in the advertisement.

Make It A Happy One 

Researches show that ads that feature happy human faces are more likely to win people’s hearts over with their ideas. It is a universal truth that people are more inclined to positive things and people. The same applies in voice-over people naturally gravitate towards a calming, lively, and enthusiastic voice.

Right Time For Music

When people hear music in the beginning, they tend to skip it. The same-old jingles and tunes bore them and are less encouraging and engaging. A Google study shows that ads that didn't play music in the first five seconds performed better than the ads which did play the music. If you want to add music, you can add it later, likely when introducing the brand name or product is one exciting way to keep them engaged in your video.

Art Of Grabbing Attention  

Now that you have set the perfect tone & mood and created a good presentation, here comes the part where you tell what your ad is about. So, how to spark curiosity and generate interest in people so that they do not press the "skip ad" button and watch your entire video? Read ahead to create an impactful and exciting pitch. 

Begin With A Question 

The answer is simple. Start by asking a question. Anytime you ask someone a question, a viewer formulate a response in their minds. Take advantage of this trait by using opening seconds with a question to spark their curiosity. Use phrases that encourage them to think and persuade them into going for the "Call To Action" button. Take a hint from the following:

  • What is the best thing about a moisturizer?  
  • When was the last time you did something for yourself 
  • Success isn't what always what it looks like
  • Have you ever tasted the amazing cuisine
  • Want to know the secret of fine aging.

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Empathize With Audience 

Empathy is the most potent feeling humans possess, and it can be a great tool to drive people's attention towards you. We are not saying that you have to fake emotions or lie to the audience. You have to empathize with them to connect and vice versa. We hope you implement these techniques well in your video ad. Craft all the strategies well in your script, and you will make a lasting impression with your ad.

Hire A Professional Voice Actor 

Voice and tone are essential components while making an audio-video advertisement, and therefore hiring a professional voice actor is the best solution for your business. If you wish to hire voice over artist online, Voice Adventure’s Mike Fias and Shelly Fias have years of experience with voice-overs for IT training videos and television commercials. The power couple has helped numerous American businesses flourish with their unique and soothing voice. The mission is to provide high-quality and profiting audio-visual content for businesses. Mike’s voice is rich, comforting, and dynamic, while Shelly’s voice is sweet, warm, and fun. They both have good experience in communication and creative arts. In addition to voice-overs, they are also talented in designing, staging, and scripting projects. To know more about their work and reach out to them, visit- voice adventures.

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