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How To Start A Voiceover Business?

blog 1    17  May  2022 Admin

How To Start A Voiceover Business?

If you are looking for voice talent, you must be thinking about what it means to be in a voice-over business. If you think voice-over is just people giving away money in exchange for a nice voice, you need to understand that there is more to the voice-over business than just this. 

Wanting to be independent, enjoy the freedom, and create your destiny can be thrilling. But, the thoughts of freedom and thrill have to be toned down by the reality of setting up your own voice-over business. When you are setting up your own business, there are many things that you need to do, and it can get overwhelming as you start a new career.  

Understanding how to start a voice-over business the correct way can save your money and time. People make many initial mistakes, which can keep them from thriving in the voice-over industry and gaining clients. 

We will cover some important details in this blog, and if you want your business to get off to a good start, then read this blog till the end. 

Getting Off To A Great Start

Before you dive into developing a plan for your voice-over business benefits, there are many things you need to think about. We suggest that you should create a small and easy plan to give you a confidence boost. Just a single-page plan will do fine. If you match your business plans with your life goals, there is a higher chance of you succeeding. Doing this also keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

Your life goals do not only involve planning your pension, disposable income, and finances. The life plan you are going to make also includes what type of job or work you want to do. It is something you should focus on and remember for the rest of your life. A good option, to begin with, is to sketch out some rough ideas first. Then, you need to align your goals for you to succeed. 

Developing A Mindset

When you plan to start a business in the voice-over industry, it can become quite overwhelming and make you question yourself. At the initial stages of a business, it can make you doubt whether you are doing the right thing. This is the point where people need to think if they want to quit or go ahead and succeed. At this point, you should take consistent and bold actions towards your aim. Creating a successful business means having a positive mindset. The point of view you create will lead you to have a life that will make your career and personal life. A positive mindset combined with skills, business knowledge, and talent is the perfect way to create a dynamic and interesting voice-over career.  

Things You Need To Get In Place

Every person approaches a different idea to start a career. Nevertheless, the building blocks of any triumphant voice-over business, or any other business, are just the same. The most important thing to learn about any business is understanding the market, the challenges, and the opportunities. 

If you are prepared or aware of all this, you are already prepared for the challenges that will come ahead of you and the opportunities that are going to come ahead in the future. Below is a list of things that you will need in the place where you are going to set up your business. 

Before you do anything else, the first thing you need to start doing is to take some time and build your brand. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to build a brand that will get you noticed by people. In order to build a unique brand, you need to put forward your best skills, personality, and identity. If you appear like every other voice-over artist, you are less likely to get any work. So, you need to create the best first impression and appear like a brand that offers high-quality services. 

Some essential things you need to put in place to start your voice-over business are:

  1. Business plan of action
  2. Brand identity and logo
  3. Business email
  4. Website
  5. Financial plans
  6. Business card
  7. Social media presence- register on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  8. Bank account
  9. A recording studio at home
  10. Equipment for home recording
  11. Recording software at home
  12. High-quality demo reels
  13. Marketing system 
  14. Marketing plan

This list might look like a small list of things, but this can change your whole game plan and is very important.

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Enhancing Your Skills

Your voice is the primary asset of your business. Hence, to succeed as a voice-over artist, you should focus on your voice and develop it by taking steps to protect and maintain it. We suggest all the voice-over artists follow helpful guidelines to fetch long-term clients.

You can practice reading aloud to enhance your voice, and practicing your intonation and pronunciation techniques can truly help. While doing so, you should try different voices and try to emphasize different words to pull off different effects. You need to aim to perform and not just read off a script. 

If you are able, you should invest in acting and voice lessons. A large section of voice-over business is the action work, and further training will only maximize your skills and talent and provide you with confidence to go ahead. Even though you are already a pro with several years of work experience, continuous practicing, upgrading your knowledge, and training will improve your performance.

Once you have started working, you have to make sure that you maintain your voice. Your vocal cords are not a machine, and if you use them to their full potential, all you have to do is not damage your vocal cords. It is not possible for a human being to deliver the same quality of content every day.

Voice Is Only The First Thing

Ideally, you should be able to invest in some quality equipment from the very beginning of your business. To start with, you will need a good audio mixer, microphone, and editing software. You will need to get hands-on with the aforementioned equipment or hire someone with the appropriate skill set.

If you are recording your audio at home, it would be better if you could turn a room soundproof, just like a studio. 

Brush Up Your Industry Knowledge

Like any other work, some knowledge about the industry is what you need. You need to understand all the challenges and opportunities. You can only leverage the benefits of voice-over industry when you know about the industry thoroughly. 

How to promote your brand? How do people get paid? What are the rates of the work you are doing? These are some questions that most artists ask. Knowing everything about the industry will help you better understand how you can succeed in this competitive niche and make the most out of your work. 

Having your own business or uplifting it from the ground is no easy task. As a voiceover artist, you should protect your voice and use good equipment. Also, you invest time to create a brand that will appeal to others. 

To check out good branding and voiceover samples, you should head over to Voiceover Adventures. At Voiceover Adventures, we have two most competent and skillful voiceover artists that can help your brand achieve its goal through their invoking voices.  


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