voiceover company in Boise, Voice for animation

Info & Rates

We are Voice Over Adventures. We can be contacted at these emails Or give me a call 208-957-4147 - mike@voiceoveradventures.net or shelly@voiceoveradventures.net.


Session fees are fixed but our rates are fluid, usage fees are negotiable depending on use and distribution of material.

If you require an idea of current rates in the industry, you may check www.globalvoiceacademy.com/gvaa-rate-guide-2/ Session Fees.

Before we can offer you a quote for voice over, we need to know;

You should keep in mind that finely-tuned crisp editing comes standard in our final product, which also takes time. Commercial projects come standard with limitless revisions for 1-week after delivery.

Ensure the copy you send us contains no errors. We offer language editing for foreign clientele. *remember, we read what is exactly on the script.

Please consider/avoid:

Keep us informed of any minor pick-ups/retakes (due to performance, pace, tone, etc.) you would like to create within one week after delivery. Retakes because of script errors and minor script changes will cause a charge. Major rewrites because of consistent errors (as mentioned above) will be considered as a new project, and additional session fees will be warranted.

Special Projects

(Audio, Visual, Film, Script, VO Packages)

See standards noted above and please contact us for individualized pricing.

Usually, we “watermark” our final product and keep the final recording until the whole payment is obtained.

Regardless of your budget, if you seek to build a relationship, we insist that you get in touch and we will see if we can work something out.

Keep in mind as our client, you are paying for a product and our DUTIFUL service. Furthermore, we respect and love this industry.